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Simply Dry Dog Food Comparison

Before Shopping For Dry Dog Food

We love it when you take the time for dry dog food comparison, so what's in our dog bowls is just right for our doggie type.

Simple dry dog food comparison can be - it really boils down to these top few choices.

  • Where do the ingredients come from?
  • What size kibble is better for your dog?
  • Is grain free important to you?

You see, most dry dog food can be broken down into a few solid options, which I'll share with you here.

Where do the ingredients come from?

This one is easy! Before you bring home or order dog food online, check to see that it is made in the USA. Best dry dog foods will spell it out for you (because they want yoru business) right on the label that nothing is sourced from China - which is typically where the recalled dog foods are sourced from. The reason being is that our own FDA has much higher standards as to what can go into our dog food, and how it is handled.

This one step alone can save your dog's life!

What size kibble is better for your dog?

If you take a stroll down any pet food asile you will notice that most brands offer dry dog food different sizes. The difference in the kibble is only about the size,since big dogs need a larger kibble while small and toy breeds would choke on larger size dry dog food pieces.

Is grain free important to you?

Now this question really lies at the root of your dog's current overall health. If your doggie is doing just fine without going grain free, that's great!

However, many doggies (like our Jasper) have dog food allergies that stem from many of the grains that are typical in many dry dog foods. So, a dry dog food comparison of ingredients can be important. Especially corn, soy and wheat.

Corn is the number one cause of many doggie ailments, and this can certainly be avoided by choosing a dry dog food that contains zero corn. Simple! This includes any ingredient that contains the word "corn" as well.

And there are many great choices with grain free dry dog food.

Assessing The Dog Food Aisle

The best quality dog food is not always easy to spot. You already know that dogs don't care about fancy packaging, or taste tests (remember that we do like to drink from the toilet bowl!)

Serving up organic or natural (and no, they are not the same) can cost a bit more. And just like people food, organic dog food must meet the same rigid standards as the FDA recommends. Because of the higher standards, manufacturers will pay a premium fo rthe ingredients that go into an organic dog food, thus the higher cost to the consumer.

There's no bones about it, you get what you pay for.

This Dry Dog Food Brand Is Top Dog Approved

The obvious choice is to select a grain free dry dog food that is all natural (no chemicals to cause complications).

There are only a handful of premium dog food choices now that fit our doggie needs.

Wysong makes both vegetarian dry dog food and meat-based that are both healthy choices.

No nasty grains to make us sick, and only natural ingredients that will keep us in top dog condition.

Shop at Wysong.net

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