Top 3 Reasons To Serve Home Made Puppy Food

The top (and only true) reason you need for feeding your puppy homemade puppy food is love. But really, if you need more defined reasons to nut rue your new puppy, these next 3 points should win you over...

  • You will have 100% control over your puppy's food. If you don't care for highly processed food on your plate, why feed it to your new furry friend?
  • Balanced nutrition from healthy sources, as organic puppy food or natural as you want to take it.
  • You can supplement naturally antioxidants that are lacking in commercial prepared puppy food.

As a pup I remember sunny days, long playtimes at the park and the aroma of home made puppy food cooking just for me in the kitchen (yes, I was spoiled). I would just lay on the rug and whiff the air in anticipation of dinner time.

Because there are so many unknowns, our new dog food cookbook has the most up-to-date healthy recipes for the life of your dog - from puppyhood to a mature full grown doggie. Get YOUR copy now!

Raising Your Puppy's Holistic Health

Fact number one... us puppies will generally eat anything - we can't help it, we just love food (and your shoelaces, and the welcome mat, etc.).

This lucky puppy gets home made puppy food 3 times a week!

Here is your opportunity to help your puppy achieve a healthy adult doggie hood with minimal fuss (although we do love it if you fuss over us anytime the mood strikes).

The search for the best holistic dog food, or puppy food, is one that you will have complete control over.

  • From picking fresh vegetables from your own garden... (we can help you dig, too!)
  • Or bringing home the day's best from the Farmer's market… (take us along, please!)
  • To choosing only organic fats and meats for us to dine on... (yes, we do need some fats to grow up strong)

If feeding your puppy holistic dog food is important (and it should be), then choosing the ingredients for our suppers can be very satisfying for both of you.

Building immunity through better puppy food means fewer trips to the vet, and more trips to the dog park! (wag, wag)

Holistic puppy food is measured by your loving, caring efforts and by choosing only to serve your own puppy the best quality puppy food you can afford to upgrade them to.

Your Puppy Is Counting On You For Life, Love and Good Health

Your time is what your puppy really needs, along with a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients for a young pup to grow into a strong, healthy mature dog (it will happen before you know it, really).

If find that you are spending too much time cooking home made puppy food, rather than taking your new bundle of fur for walks and enjoying play time together, you can simply choose just a few days a week that you cook home made puppy food.

Can Puppy Food Be Mixed?

Home made puppy food doesn't mean you must cook EVERY meal from scratch (unless you really want to spoil us).

On alternate days that you aren't cooking up a homemade puppy food recipe or two, it's perfectly fine to feed your pup either a better canned puppy meat, or dry puppy food that is mixed with either filtered water of goat's milk - to make a puppy smoothie of sorts.

In fact, if you offer your pup some of the best dry puppy food, it will help with his urge to chew and sooth his teething. See how to select the best dry puppy food here.

The Best Homemade Puppy Food Recipe

There is no one absolute perfect puppy food recipe. The better recipe is one that contains at least 2 or 3 different fruits and vegetables.

You can add in meats for protein (puppies need more protein than grown dogs do) and grains of your choosing. Rice is the more popular of the grains, and puppies have less allergic reactions to rice over other whole grains. Get cooking some home cooked puppy food recipes...

You can start off with our favorite homemade puppy food recipe here…

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There is nothing better than homemade dog food. Serve up some puppy dog stew and and watch us bounce with joy.

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