Fresh, Raw Dog Food Is Not Just A Treat Anymore

Homemade raw dog food is not just a "treat", it's exactly what your dog is craving. I'm not barking about table scraps.

Homemade raw dog food is exactly what your dog is craving!

It's all about feeding your dog a specially prepared raw dog food diet, which can be key to many behavior problems, and both coat and skin conditions.

The best advice is to get yourself a solid reference, such as this excellent book, Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs -The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals.

It's a complete guide with everything you need to know to be assured your dog is getting the healthiest meals possible.

Starting Your Dog On Raw Food Diet

Expect an adjustment period, and know that most dogs adapt to this more natural feeding rather quickly.

Preparing Fresh Raw Dog Food

Organic is always best… choosing to feed your dog organic meats and produce avoids unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals in his diet.

A good raw dog food diet consists not only of meat, but also fresh fruits and vegetables. Just like us people, your dog needs a balanced diet to maintain optimum health.

It's best to introduce new foods one at a time. So don't go gung-ho after a shopping expedition and offer everything you purchased... moderation is key, especially when you are just beginning to serve up a homemade raw dog food diet.

As you do introduce new foods, be certain to observe your dog's behavior closely - keeping an eye out for itching, runny stools, or other signs that the new food didn't agree with his own personal doggie system.

Optimal Raw Meat Choices

Choose muscle meat for your dog. Of course, if you think about it, most all meat is muscle meat. The opposite to muscle meats are organ meats (kidney, liver, etc.).

The reason that muscle meat is the best option to feed your dog, is that it is less processed than other cuts, therefore your dog will reap the benefits of more nutrients as you feed this raw dog food diet.

Some of the better choices for muscle meat are heart of either beef or pork (the heart is a muscle, not an organ), roasts of any kind and yummy steaks, and most cuts of steak or roasts are muscle meat, and your dog will love it that you care enough to feed him the very best.

Raw lamb, and even boneless fish are good sources of protein , and should be included as part of a balanced homemade raw dog food diet plan. With raw lamb dog food, the best cuts to choose would be either bone-in lamb leg or a lamb roast. Ground lamb is fine too, as long as you check the label and find that it has a USDA approval sticker on the package.

A Few More Tips On a Raw Dog Diet

Variety is the spice of any dog's life… especially when it comes to feeding your dog. Don't keep your dog on the same dog food diet day after day, for months on end. This is especially true with homemade raw dog food. It's important to change up the proteins you feed your dog. Months or even years on the same food can lead to food allergies.

To be certain that your dog's diet is complete and balanced, you might want to consider mixing a raw diet for dogs with some commercial kibble, as many owners do.

Knick-Knack Paddy Whack - Give Your Dog A Bone!

Be certain to include raw meaty bones, too. It's best to avoid chicken and pork bones, as they may be harmful for your pooch. That's because these small, thin bones have a tendency to splinter.

Remember RAW bones, only. Cooking bones makes them brittle and they will tend to splinter!

Raw meat bones are an essential addition to your dog's diet no matter if you feed your dog commercially prepared food, such as dry dog food right out of the bag, or a homemade raw dog food feast.

These bones are a terrific source of all sorts of minerals - including calcium. Raw bones are more than a treat, they help to keep your dog's teeth in good condition. BARF is an acronym for biologically appropriate raw food, and the basis from which you should plan your dog's raw diet.

Go To The Garden!

Toss in some fresh veggies, whatever is fresh and in season. Add in some in season fruits such as apples (seeds removed!) and bananas or blueberries (my dog loves to play around with his blueberries before he actually east them).

It's important to offer only the freshest of the fresh meats and produce. Raw food breaks down and spoils quickly - much more quickly than cooked food does. Your dog's digestive system can be sensitive, so let's avoid unnecessary illnesses.

Foods To Avoid When Feeding Your Dog Fresh Raw Dog Food

We love these foods, but there are definite no-nos for any dog.

The Final Scoop On Raw Diets

There is simply not enough space on this page to cover all you really need to know about a homemade raw dog food diet. However, I can suggest you order this easy to follow raw dog diet how-to book, Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs -The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals . And the sooner you order, the sooner you will have just what you need to get started right away.

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